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Peer feedback is critical for nudging your work into its next edit or draft. Share your work and encourage each others’ work in a safe and vibrant creative community.

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There are several features of Sundance Co//ab that are available only to members: sharing and receiving feedback and access to our Sundance Advisors Q&A. We have designated these as member benefits to ensure that the work submitted lives in a more safe and protected space and to help us sustain this valuable resource.

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Review our submission format guidelines, upload your work in progress and learn from your fellow artists!

  • As this site is focused on work in progress, you will find that you will get more feedback with shorter, more targeted work.
  • It will help the person giving feedback to know where you are in your process: is this a first draft or cut, a revision, a nearly final version of your work?
  • If you have specific questions about your work, please be sure to add those so that you can get the most targeted feedback possible.

Visit this resource for more on receiving feedback.


Peer feedback is critical for nudging your work into its next edit or draft. We encourage you to give feedback that is thoughtful, constructive and rooted in kindness and generosity. To make your feedback as valuable as possible, here’s a resource to help you frame the comments in ways that are specific and actionable for the person receiving it.

To give feedback, click on the SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK button under the work you are reviewing. This will open a form to allow you to share your thoughts across a number of different areas. 

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