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A teenage boy does the only thing he can to cope with his overwhelming suburban family - he writes an angsty song about them.

New York, NY, USA
Julia is a New York based writer / director who is just trying to make films and maybe make a living making films. Originally from California, Julia ventured to NYC to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she recently received her BFA in Film Production. She has come to realize that the only way she can come to understand anything at all is by writing about it, so Julia writes a lot. Much of what she writes is not so good, but when something maybe good rolls around, she tries her best to turn it into a script, and then tries her best to turn it into a film. She hopes that this process is a good process. Cross your fingers for her and this plan. So here we are, and here’s this music video! Julia hopes you will like it and maybe laugh because of it. more...

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