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I often do shorts of songs that I call soul songs. As a singer/songwriter you often find your soul songs inspire you. Art feeds art. These are raw footage in every sense and done spontaneously. They are never planned, normally done one time and I use what I have when I edit. I often use film that has flaws and mistakes because I see the beauty in that. The music is not recorded in studio but on the camera itself. Which is Canon Rebel T1i only a small amount of reverb is added in editing and that's it.

Columbus, OH, USA
I am a writer, singer/songwriter and filmmaker. I have always loved film and can remember early in childhood having a type of memory recall where I actually see my memory recollections like an old film in my mind. It's one of the reasons why my memory recollection is vivid to this day and can recall memory as early as before being one year of age. When I write a script or song I see the visual of that at the same time and this is why I've always been drawn to film. I am the happiest when I'm writing, filming, editing and creating songs and film. Currently, I am working on a script as well as writing all the music for it and have high aspirations for my first film. more...

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