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My last film "Jonné" that I have finished in Feb. 2020 , is my
first Feature 75 Documentray-fiction film.
Subject is about:
Emigration, woman and childhood.
SYNOPSIS of the film " Jonné ":

«Arézou» is a painter of forty years, who lives in Paris. Marked in her adolescence by war and the resulting social and cultural events, she left her native Iran at the age of twenty.
She regularly exchanges with her mother who lives halfway around the world in phone
They talk about the subjects of their lives.
Jonné is the cuddly toy that embodies imaginary childhood.
Through her vocal presence they divulge, find the lost laughter again , overcome the bitter coldness of exile and death.
These exchanges and testimonies, allow to bring an understanding of emigration and the discovery of its true identity in the depth of history.

The film starts rolling in the artist’s Parisian studio and takes on the road for discovering the images in far places. ...encountering the “drought”..., the cause of massive migration in the near future!

*Jonné: Javoon or Javan, in Persian means young. (Javooneh wants to say: germinate)
* Arézou: feminine name in Persian meaning wish.

About the film:

This film is about the era of human and cultural migrations and metamorphoses.
To recognize our responsibility toward Mother Earth!
In part and technically this film was made like a Road movie, Sometimes with hunting
brutally the image and sounds such as in the war, the moment, on the roads, always improvising with a small camera.

I had no choice but to act alone because neither public or private French or Iranian institutes could provide any support.
The film is a patchwork, which tells the history of exile and fear of massive migration of future generations from Iran.

Painted or sketched and still digital images are among the main actors in the film.

Rokhshad Nourdeh
Toronto, ON, Canada
Painter, performer, filmmaker, I do video arts and experimental films since 20 years. I auto produce almost of my works or had the grants for by the private or institution organizations. But need the support for managing my creations. I live mostly between Paris-Toronto ... You have infos on my website at the below and others on Google.

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