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After learning news of his girl’s unplanned pregnancy, a young drug dealer in East Atlanta struggles to find his way out of the trap in order to provide a better future for himself and his unexpected family.

Atlanta, GA, USA
Mololuwa Odesanya is a writer, actor, and producer based in Atlanta, GA. Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Mololuwa (known as Mo to family and friends) emigrated to the US when he was four. Mo studied Film at Georgia State University with a minor in English and Theater, beginning his film career in school as creator of YouTube sketch comedy channel Connally Comedy in his junior year of college. His first short Mr. & Mrs. Johnson was featured on Tosh.0 as a Viewer Video of the Week in June 2012, and his music video Alcoholics Synonymous (re-released in 2015) won the Viewers’ Choice Award at the Atlanta Film Festival Creative Loafing Short Cuts Film Contest in March 2013. During the summer of 2013, Odesanya interned with Adult Swim in Atlanta as a development intern where he was given the opportunity to perform voiceover for a Cartoon Network MySpace advertisement and co-wrote and co-produced six on-air promotions for live broadcast with fellow collaborators and interns Chris Murphy and Kaylin Bergeson under the supervision of Adult Swim creative director of social media Matthew Hutchinson. While in his last semester at GSU in the spring of 2014, Mololuwa interned with legendary American late-night talk show Late Show with David Letterman in New York City as a writer’s intern where he was featured in a live sketch filmed in front of a studio audience with Late Show announcer Alan Kalter. Upon graduating Georgia State in 2014, Mololuwa worked as an office and on-set production assistant on major Hollywood motion pictures Vacation (2015), The Founder (2016), and Den of Thieves (2018), as well as Netflix television show Ozark (2017) to build relationships and learn the business side of the film industry from the ground floor. Odesanya has worked as an actor in independent films Last Night at the Ellington (2014) and Catalyst (2016) in addition to multiple Atlanta local and regional commercials. In 2018, Mololuwa won third place in the ATLFF Screencraft Writers Summit Pitch Competition for his pitch of the script Edgewood, currently in development to be shot in 2021 with his first professional collaborator Geoffrey Gunn, writer and director of the SAG-AFTRA short film Last Night at the Ellington, attached as a producer. more...

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