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*This is an updated version after gathering the 1st round of feedback. Thank you to everyone who was willing to spend time and give feedback to this work.

The film is based on the director’s lived experience as a Chinese immigrant daughter. The story is an attempt to illustrate the first day of a Chinese transplant eating lunch at a rural, predominantly white public high school, and she starts to feel othered and isolated, but preserves her identity through eating dumpling she brought from home.
This film is dedicated to her mother and all the families in separation. (This is a fine cut, without color correction and leveled soundmix.)

Minneapolis, MN, USA
Xiaolu Wang (pronounced as Shao-lu Wong) is a filmmaker and a narrative healer. She identifies as a Chinese transplant who grew up in the Muslim autonomous region in the northwest of China, now resides in the occupied indigenous homelands of the Dakota people, the twin cities. She believes that the basic conflict in our world, is the battle of stories. It is essential to be grounded in love and justice for the stories we create and repeat. more...

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