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Nobody talks about friend breakups. They’re heartbreaking.

Chicago, IL, USA
Lauren Loesberg is a senior in at Northwestern University studying film (with minors in dance and marketing). Her work explores the intersection between the physical and the emotional persona struggling within the confines of society, specifically in the realm of the female experience. Her previous short films "Feet" and "Janek to the River" have screened at festivals across the country, and she has held internship positions at Michael de Luca Productions, MXN Entertainment, Music Box Films, and Transfax Film Productions. She is also proud to have worked on "The Neighbor's Window" (Academy Award Shortlist), "Redemption" (TIFF), and "Noodles & Incense." She aspires to become a professional writer and director so that she can continue to create for the rest of her life. more...

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