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An African American/Navajo teen moves from the south side of Chicago to his grandmother’s trailer park in Arizona where a mysterious power emerges from his lineage.

PILOT OVERVIEW New town, new opportunities. Not so for 16-year-old Roman “Romo” Lupo, a photography-obsessed Chicago teen sent to live with his grandma in rural Kavoma, Arizona. Romo is hired by Charli, a tactless reporter for the school newspaper, to cover the protest over an oil pipeline’s construction on sacred tribal land. The protest escalates when private security attacks protesters with firehoses, dogs and tear gas. When private security are found mutilated in their compound later that night, the FBI is sent to investigate. Navigating high school is tough enough when you’re the only black kid, it’s even harder when you’re vomiting severed fingers in the bathroom.

SERIES OVERVIEW AMERICAN BOY follows a biracial teenager forced to find his place in a “post-racial” America, withstand the social pressure of high school in a small conservative town and come to terms with the wolf inside. He will reconcile a past that is not his with an irreconcilable present. He must accept and take ownership and pride in that he is part of society’s quintessential, “other.”

Are Romo's goals clear?
Is his narrative arc too vague?
Is it necessary to establish clearer goals in a pilot?
Does Romo take too much of a back seat?
Are the stakes clear?
Is it too slow a setup?

Shane Roeschlein
San Diego, CA, USA
Shane Roeschlein is a writer, American mutant, Arte Suave enthusiast. His stories have appeared in China Grove, Journal of Experimental Fiction and Fiction International. Pushcart Prize nominee. Short, controlled bursts available @andaluciabomber

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